When Sh*t Gets Personal: All Together Now #4 Review

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By Alexandra “Xandra” Fileccia

The Lilypad, Saturday April 29

Local Rapper Tashawn Taylor is the perfect hype-man to kick off All Together Now’s fourth installation. With his brown overalls–one strap hanging off to the side–and thick-framed glasses, Taylor emanates some serious retro, hiphop vibes. “We want to make the people outside jealous that they’re not having a good time with us right now,” Taylor says to the audience. “Repeat after me,” he continues. “I ain’t no joke!”

I ain’t no joke!

All Together Now Curator Anna Rae first discovered Taylor at a Black Lives Matter rally. As soon as she heard him perform, she knew she had to incorporate him into her next collaborative piece. He starts off his set with “Grown Man” and follows that with “Raindrops.” In this song, Taylor repeats a short, solemn chorus, countering the animated style of his verses.

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All Together Now #3 Review

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By Alexandra “Xandra” Fileccia

Sarah Fard sits on a piano bench; the light highlighting her face and guitar. As she starts to strum a slow, jazzy tune, Adlai Grayson lifts his head. He sits on the floor facing Fard and begins to dance along with soft, smooth movements; his pink, hooded poncho slowly becoming a prop. Grayson stands up, his arms creating shapes as he carefully curates his next move. He reaches out to the audience, some of which are sitting on the floor just steps away, and plays with an audience member’s hair. Fard stands up and the two of them sway back and forth mimicking toe-taps.

All Together Now, a collaborative multimedia performance, came to a close with its third installment on September 27. As its final show at The Lilypad in Cambridge, MA, the event did not disappoint. Show curator and pop-rock singer/bassist Anna Rae put together a truly unique performance that created space for performers of color and LGBT performers. Each installment of All Together Now showcased multiple artists using a variety of different mediums. At the last performance, there were four acts: Sarah Fard, Adlai Grayson, Johnny Blazes & 3rian King, and Hemway with acts ranging from stand up to drag to rock and jazz guitar.

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Feminist Fists

Senior Capstone

By Alexandra Fileccia

The snow began to fall as Brandie Skorker walked down the streets of her childhood neighborhood. It was dark already at 6pm in January, and Dorchester was hushed at the start of a storm. Three-family homes lined the streets, each with their porch lights on. But, Skorker was full of enthusiasm after attending a feminist cybersecurity workshop earlier in the day. She pulled out a megaphone and shared. “Feminist killjoy!,” she shouted, “Reproductive rights!,” repeating feminists slogans she chanted at rallies.

The members of most feminist organizations in Boston do not look anything like this 28-year-old, queer-identifying, chubby woman of color. They’re white, middle class and generally slim-figured. When Skorker looks around the room, she often feels like she’s in the wrong meeting.

Feminism is supposed to be open to everyone, but treating the movement as a one-size-fits-all solution leaves women of color like Skorker on its fringes. “Some feminists believe there are no distinctions of race, that we are all the same,” Skorker says and motions a fake barf.

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The State of ED Recovery

By Alexandra Fileccia and Samantha Manns

Many doctors and psychologists are unsatisfied with the most common method of treating body dysmorphic disorder. There is only one major treatment for patients who are obsessively critical of their own body parts. Some clinicians say they would like to try other treatments if insurers would be willing to pay.

Body dysmorphic disorder is a recognized psychological condition that could develop into eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia, and binge-eating. People who have body dysmorphic disorder will be fixated on a perceived flaw on their body. This can lead to excessive exercise, restrictive diets or plastic surgery.

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WERS 88.9FM Packages

Over my Fall ’14 semester at Emerson College, I worked for WERS 88.9FM. I worked specifically on the public affairs show called You Are Here contributing a package almost every other week related to the show’s changing weekly theme. Unfortunately, they haven’t uploaded anything recently to their SoundCloud page so here are my clips that aired on WERS (Note: these have already aired on the station and do not cover recent news):

I want to add that working for WERS was an awesome experience and has opened my eyes to the world of radio journalism, which I found out I really enjoy. I hope to continue with the station next semester as well.

Update: WERS has uploaded these clips: herehere and here.